endurance & LONG COURSE Training

Why Endurance? How will it Improve my swimming??


Introducing Endurance Sessions and Long Course Training to your Programme will offer you additional benefits all round. 

Endurance swimming creates a stronger, healthier body. Muscles, cardiovascular system, bones, joints, and lungs all learn to adapt to the new task of sustaining a strong pace for hours. Endurance athletes also enjoy faster metabolisms due to more lean muscle mass.

While ramping up the mileage too fast or overtraining can cause mental and physical fatigue, exercise done properly has been shown by researchers to actually help with cognitive function.

The great thing about endurance training is that you get back what you put in. When you train, you learn your body can do things you never believed possible. You also learn to push past pain and exhaustion to a whole new level of power.


Group Endurance: 

This will comprise of a maximum of 16 athletes, across 2 long course lanes, participating in a bespoke written session to promote key skills, improve fitness and to test stamina. Each lane will have its own dedicated coach to encourage, motivate and deliver the session plan to provide the athlete with the maximum benefit of this training. 

We also offer Endurance Training, written bespoke for individuals or 2:2:1 sessions to share with your training partner.


Group Endurance Sessions:

8:1 - 2hrs - £30

4:1 - 2hrs - £50

2:1 - 2hrs - £60

1:1 - 2hrs - £70

Payments must be made by BACS at the time of booking to confirm your place.

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