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“A.N.T Swimming has been a revelation in performance coaching! Our daughters first session with the team was incredible for the depth of focus on each stroke, analysis of how to improve and the motivation and belief instilled throughout the session. Communication with the team at A.N.T Swimming is brilliant, especially the follow up report which helps swimmers take everything they have learned back into their training environment. Looking forward to many more sessions!


ATHLETE FEEDBACK - Chris Truman, Triathlete


As an aspiring triathlete who has worked hard on making progress in cycling and running but has neglected swimming, I thought it about time to develop a more structured swimming training programme. As such, I went along to the A.N.T. coached session and received an hour of spot-on, focussed coaching which had been developed specifically for my aims and abilities via a prior assessment. Andrew was great in bringing in the training aids, working on leg strength, upper body strength and body position and I felt good gains were made after only one session. With the coming provision of training times to suit busy lifestyles, I’ll certainly be returning. 

Chris Truman.

Triathlete Training Sessions 

Parents Review - Junior Swimmer attends our Technique / Skills Session

’Our daughter seems to have found a new excitement in her swimming since she’s been training with A.N.T. I can see the difference in her swimming in just a couple of sessions. She takes all the coaching in and has been applying it to her club training, which is great to see. (She’s desperate to have a go at some galas ). Going forward, we will be making sure she continues to have top-up sessions with you both at A.N.T. Swimming. 


Review – Junior Swimmer attends our Competition Training Session


Our child lives and breathes for her swimming at the moment so to obtain feedback that all her training is moving in the right direction is such a bonus, so a huge thank you to you guys. She would not be where she is today if it wasn’t for her training over the last few months and we are pleased with the standard of coaching she gets with you. Looking forward to seeing you on future sessions.